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Harry Harrison Enjoy a good hard rockin’ album? Who doesn’t! If your tastes do tend to go elsewhere, then this album’s not for you. But if you do enjoy partaking of the odd rock-out session, then stick this in your head! Ozzys doin’ what they do best…..goin’ off like a frog in a sock. Guarantied to get your foot tapping rock with just a hint of stoner is what these boys do and they do it very well (I can hear touches of QOTSA in some tracks). Brilliant album from start to finish. Thanks Tracer. Favorite track: Don't Forget My Name.
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"L.A.?" is Tracer's second album. Launched to a capacity crowd in their hometown of Adelaide, Tracer have since received rave reviews, airplay and substantial sales around the world.

"Tracer have successfully combined elements of classic Seventies rock, the desert rock sounds of Nebula and Fu Manchu and their own distinctive and blues-influenced style to deliver seven pristine tracks of pure, powerful heavy rock." James McKenzie - dB Magazine, February 2009

"This is a flawless, perfectly executed half hour of pummelling. Full of complex, melodic riffs and relentless, uncompromising vocals." Nick Kays - thedwarf.com.au, February 2009


released February 13, 2009

Produced by James Bett and Tracer
Recorded in May 2008 by James Bett
at Billy Hyde Recording Studio, Adelaide, South Australia
Mixed by James Bett at Thunderwolf Studios, Adelaide, South Australia
Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, New York



all rights reserved


Tracer Adelaide, Australia


  • Dec 02
    Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: End Of The Samurai
I sit at home in silence frightened to stand up
We’re all manipulated, stood over and shut up
The snakes are climbing ladders
On merits they never earned
Their prey’s uneducated
Waiting to get burned

Hey, yeah, ain’t ever gonna be alright
Hey, yeah, it’s the end of the samurai

I see the honest men get pushed to the side
Morals have no place here, eat dogs to survive
No modern day Robin Hood,
This place is too far gone
Keep secrets in the shadows
Right where they belong

Along the streets that paved with gold
The blood that’s spilt the way for all
Where has the truth all gone? Am I the only one,
Who sees that we’ve all lost oursleves again?
Track Name: Don't Forget My Name
Can you hear me?
Or should I scream loud and true?
You know I would for you
Just let go, ‘cos part of this is all for you
You know you want it too

And all the world just fades away
I’ve only come to play

Oo yeah, live and die today
Oo yeah, I’m reborn again
And I won’t forget what’s on your face
And oo yeah, don’t forget my name

Cut my fingers,
Cut them down till they bleed
I kind of like it too
People say that
“I don’t know what you’re on,
But I want some too”

And all the world just fades away
I’ve only come to play

I get down when it’s over
I am drunk, only sober
Track Name: Wrecking Ball
Breaking thumbs until you unlock what you need
Subtlety was never the key
But your eyes have lost the blackness they once had
And you will never feel the thrill again

You’re rolling in the money,
Seems that crime pays after all
You’re hiding in the shadows,
And they call you Wrecking Ball

Dealt a poor hand and you’re so misunderstood
You sold soul, you’re Masters’ slave
Bury another unfortunate who got in the way
And like always you never know why

You’re name is all that you will leave behind
But no one knows what it is
Float along alone
And you’ll remain the great unknown
But someday they’ll be looking for you
Track Name: Get Free
Hey, you hear me screaming out
Place to place faces bearing down
I’m not the same as you think
Each time that you’re missing me

Life is a messy blur
Stuck inside, I don’t know where to turn
Know that these pills that they give
Won’t, won’t help me

Hey you self-medicated fool
Night after night I dream of you
Fear in my drink and fear in my soul
Wanting to waste away

Time will only tell
Where I’ll end up in this broken world
I’m so afraid of myself
Please, please help me

I’m on top of the world again
Looking down, I don’t know where I am
I’m falling so fast
Oh here we go again

Well I just wanna Get Free

It’s on top of me again
In deep and digging with both hands
I want it so bad
Oh here we go again

Well I just wanna Get Free

I’m missing you all the same
Can’t give it all away
I’m missing you all the same
Can’t give it all away
Track Name: All Look The Same
Wanting for something, one and one the same
Cautions in the wind, hitching to L.A.

Set this town alight

Coming without warning, head up in the sky
Shot down in pieces, there’s no wonder why

Set this town alight

You all look the same to me, you live a lie
You all caught the same disease, you’re starry eyed
We all fake celebrity, but I don’t mind, I want mine
I won’t sell out, say, set this town alight

No one’s a no one, at least that’s in their mind
Lost all your reason, come to set it right
Track Name: Such A Waste
Feels like something’s missing
There’s got to be more than this
Slaving for some money
Paid the toll to the rich

Hey, I feel yellow when I walk away
Hey, he takes over and it’s on again
Hey, he’s what I always ever wanted to be
I can’t remember,
Looking in the mirror the black eyes belong to me

I don’t need no reason
The reason you should know
You’ll never be free
Until you lost it all
Track Name: Sleep By The Fire
Hold tight men, get locked and loaded
I know it’s not right, but I just lie
As you fall asleep by the fire
And the coldest stone would warm
But you are stone cold

Then there was guns, then there was fighting
When the smoke clears, will I be alive?
As you fall asleep by the fire
And the coldest stone would warm
But you are stone cold, stone cold

It’s not a better world, with rules divided
It’s not a better place, with bombs colliding
It’s not a better place, for what you desire
You’re falling asleep by the fire

Two was shot dead, another one was wounded
How long will I survive?
As you fall asleep by the fire
And the coldest stone would warm
But you, and your desire

You’re falling asleep by the fire